Wireless Patient Monitoring System

The FastFocus Wireless Patient Monitoring System is a new way of patient monitoring that is designed and developed specifically for long-term measurement and monitoring patients’ physical activity in general hospital wards.

Our ear-worn wireless device measures accelerometry.

The Wireless Patient Monitoring System is easy to use, plug and play system and doesn't require any technical knowledge or valuable setup time. Using our desktop application you will have near realtime insights in accelerometer data.

Through our secured network using a single system, up to 25 patients can be monitored simultaneously. That's a complete general ward department.

FastFocus EarSensor

The FastFocus EarSensor is specifically designed for wearing on the ear. Thanks to its unique design and material it is comfortable to wear. The FastFocus EarSensor measures accelerometry. The FastFocus EarSensor sends its encrypted data using a dedicated network to a secure closed system. A wireless network ensures that patients are free to move while being monitored.


  • Build in tissue detection
  • Movement Intensity
  • 8 hours battery (per charge)
  • Wireless and non-invasive
  • Biocompatible material
  • Small and lightweight
  • Internal data storage*

  • * The internal memory of the sensor temporarily stores the data whenever the network connection is not available or out of range.

Monitoring multiple patients

Nurses and doctors are able to monitor their patients with the help of the FastFocus desktop application. This application has some important features to show nurses and doctors the measured data of multiple patients throughout the day in an easy and clear manner.

Multi-Docking station

Accessory to the Wireless Patient Monitoring System is a multi docking station to charge the ear devices. The multi docking station can charge ten ear devices simultaneously in up to five hours.

  • Fully charged within 5 hours
  • 10 devices simultaneously
  • Easy click system